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澳洲幸运五官网频道:开奖结果号码查询、幸运澳洲5开奖记录、体彩168 OUR RETAIL ORDERING PROCESS

Notice: At this time, we do not accept walk-in customers. We would greatly appreciate if you place your order at least 12 hours in advanced. Mahalo!

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You can view your order history and save your payment details.

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Place Your Order.
For orders of fish, a $20 temporary authorization charge will be placed on the total order to cover any additional weight adjustment costs.

RHS Prepares Order

RHS Prepares Your Order.
Your invoice will be updated based on the product’s final weight; your credit card will then be processed. 

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Notice and Invoice. 
You will be notified via email once your order and payment have been processed.

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After receiving the notification email, your order will be ready for pick up at RHS on the day at the time selected. 

01 Create Your Account.
You can view your order history and save your payment details.

02 Place Your Order.
Your final invoice will be available after your order is processed and prepared.

03 RHS Prepares Your Order.
Your invoice will be updated based on the products final weight.

04 Pay Your Invoice.
You will be notified via email when your order has been processed. Please log in to your account and pay your invoice.

05 Ready for Pickup!
Before 10:30am on the day of pickup, you will be notified via email that your order has been processed. Come pickup your order at our store in South San Francisco.

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  • Sashimi Grade

    Salmon, New Zealand King Salmon

    $25.99$26.99 Per Pound
  • Salmon SeaBurger (2oz x12pc/pack)

  • Salmon SeaBurger (4oz x 6pc/pack)

  • Salmon SeaDog with Cheese (58g each x 8pc/pack)




Our goal for sustainability is to leave the ocean a healthier and more abundant environment for the next generation. We do this by participating in community based environmental programs, supporting Fishery Improvement Projects and carefully tracing each item to its source to ensure that it is truly cared for in a way that respects the product and the environment it was raised in.


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As partners, we develop a relationship with your restaurant and can anticipate your needs. Mobile ordering, product sheets and online billing statements, we take care of supply so you can focus on your restaurant business.

Restaurant Salmon
Sake Nigiri

Order in seconds, get instant notifications on new products as they come in, transparent pricing, and a responsive, friendly partnership with our small, family run business.

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We’ve built our business on products that are well managed and caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife.